Hachiko at Shibuya is the most popular meeting place in the world.

One of the benefits of choosing Hakuba as your ski resort destination is the stopover in Tokyo. There are so many things to do in this metropolis, the biggest city in the world. My favourite area is Shibuya which you will recognise because it is usually on every movie or news article associated with modern Japan. The intersection is famous for the sheer magnitude of people crossing every time the traffic lights change. The young Japanese who come here are the innovators of world fashion and this is where designers from around the globe come for inspiration from the fashion savvy public. Shibuya has a great mix of demographics making it the most eclectic place in the world. For the tourist there are all types of shopping. The woman will love all the designer name stores while the guys are checking out Tokyu Hands which you could basically classify as a hardware with lots of random strange gizmos. There are restaurants scattered everywhere and in the evening lots of bars  seem to appear from nowhere. When you want to meet someone in Shibuya then Hachiko is the spot to look for. It is right outside the station and you will notice lots of people hanging around waiting for their friends. Hachiko is a famous dog whose loyalty captured the imagination of the nation and also Hollywood who brought out a movie recently with the story, adapted of course. Put Shibuya close to the top of your list of things to do in Tokyo


This is THE intersection


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