The cost of skiing in Hakuba

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How much does it cost to ski in Japan? Well obviously you can go as high as you like but I will give you a run down on some prices so you can set a budget for your trip. It can be really cheap to ski here in Hakuba and with the infrastructure and our  mountain terrain, combined with the quality and quantity of snow we receive each winter, it is probably the best value in the world.


Bus from Shinjuku  4850 ¥                                                                                                             Bus from Narita – 8500 ¥                                                                                                               Bullet train to Nagano  – 7680 ¥  and bus to Hakuba 1500 ¥

Lift tickets

Range from 3800 – 4800 ¥ per day. Often there are deals with the resorts that offer lunch. Don’t bother with the prepaid all mountain ticket (more info here) as the voucher deals give you much better value.  On the mountain you can eat well for under 1000 ¥. A can of coke will cost you 150 ¥. A beer for 400 ¥.

Season Lift Pass

Hakuba 47 offer an early bird season pass for 48000 yen

Ski Hire

4500 ¥ per day or 22100 ¥ for 6 days hire, Ski wear 3000 ¥ per day or 14700 ¥ for 6 days

Ski & snowboard lesson

2 hour group lesson 6000 ¥                                                                                                               1 Hour private lesson 9000 ¥

Dinner time

One of the great things about Hakuba is the eating out. You can get a very good feed for 1000 yen but I recommend to give yourself a couple of bigger nights out to really enjoy some magnificent dining experiences. A night out at an Izakaya with a few drinks might set you back about 4000 yen per person.


drinks are usually between 500 to 600 yen for beers and spirits as a general guide.


Budget – 4400 Yen per night for a dorm bed. 13600 yen for a twin room room at the Monkey Rider Lodge

Medium – 14400 yen for a twin room at Mon Coeur Yamato

Splurge – 31000 yen for a dbl/twin room at the White Horse Hotel

Double splurge and buy a house – 8,000,000 ¥


Taxi – Hakuba Station to Happo Gondola 1500 ¥                                                                           Fried Chicken from the convenience store 150 ¥                                                                           Walking boots 2000 ¥                                                                                                                         Coffee at Lawsons 220 ¥                                                                                                                     Loaf of bread 140 ¥                                                                                                                             Litre of milk 160 ¥                                                                                                                               Onsen 600 ¥

If you want some other prices then leave a comment below and I will find out for you. Happy Planning

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3 Responses to The cost of skiing in Hakuba

  1. kate says:

    who are the transfers with from Shinjuku?

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Kate. The bus service can be found here.

  3. Diego says:

    Hi. For how much it possible rent a long-term or seasonal place to live?

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