Getting to Ski Lifts

Happo Lift
Is your lift running?

The number one question I get from my customers is “how close are you to the ski lifts?”.  When I first started holidaying in Hakuba in 2003 I often asked the same thing. I stayed at a hotel that was 300 meters to a ski lift and enjoyed the quick stroll in the morning to the popular resort of Happo-One, however coming back to Hakuba for the following 3 years, I realised that there’s actually no benefit being close to only one lift…

Imagine standing in line on a magnificent powder morning in anticipation of first lifts on that meter of fresh powder that fell overnight. The air is electric in the line while the lift slowly moves a little at a time as the lifties clear each chair. You then look up the hill and see skiers and boarders hooting their way down the mountain… hang on a second – where are these people coming from!? Turns out they’d already opened the other end of the resort! I looked around at the others in the line trying to find a way to get to that open lift. Do I give away my spot in the lift line and try to find a taxi to get across to the other lift? There was nothing we could do but wait for what seemed like forever for our lift to open.

Part of my philosophy for our hotels in Hakuba in to drive our guests to (and from) the ski lifts of all the resorts in the valley so they can consistently find the best conditions on offer on any particular day. From Cortina in the North, to Sun Alpina in the South, we make sure our guests have the opportunity to get first tracks or the best corduroy available in Hakuba so you never have to have that feeling I had on my first trip here. Don’t be fooled by the “ski in ski out” hype. The question should be “how can I easily access ALL of the resorts in Hakuba”. And we have the answer at the White Horse Hotels.

Staying in Echoland

Most of our guests want to be close enough to the ski resorts to not be too much of a hassle in the mornings, but also be walking distance to good restaurants and bars in the evening. Echoland is the perfect area for this, as it’s the main bar and restaurant hub of Hakuba offering a great selection of places to eat and drink – especially for traditional Japanese cuisine.


7 Responses to Getting to Ski Lifts

  1. Sofia says:

    So.. my question is.. can you get a skipass that works in all the different ski resorts?

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Sofia. There is a multi resort pass available however you are better off purchasing on a day to day basis using the discount vouchers and special deals that the resorts have. The multi resort pass still has to be validated at the ticket box each morning so there is no time saving either

  3. snowboards says:

    Thanks for the information Hakuba Blog. I was thinking about getting a multi resort pass until I read this.

  4. Hakuba Blog says:

    One deal at The 47 resort offers a lift ticket and 1000 yen food and drink voucher for 4900 so your lift ticket is effectively3900 yen. Cortina have a deal of 3900 yen including an onsen and 1000 yen lunch voucher meaning the lift ticket is 2400 yen. Now that’s cheap sliding.

  5. David Storer says:

    Hi there Hakuba Blog, I hope this blog is still active.
    I work in the mines in WA and I was planning on flying over every 4 weeks for my breaks, what would be the best places to keep an eye on resorts/resort lift pass deals to make my trips as economical as possible. I will be making 4 six day trips to Hakuba over the coming season.

  6. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi David.
    To keep up to date with daily reports check out the Hakuba FB page here
    For some good accommodation deals talk to Tony at the White Horse Hotel group.
    email –
    We will put some discount vouchers for lift passes on this Blog before the season starts. That will give you the best value for lift tickets.
    Have a great season. Sounds like the best way to take your breaks from the mines.

  7. Its really great things, thank you sir.

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