Snow Forecast

Snow Forecast

I receive many emails from our guests before they arrive in regards to the conditions and what the weather is going to be like when they‘re here. I usually jump onto however my observations have found that they tend to always underestimate the next storm and even though I check the predicted fall for the top of Happo-One, it’s often even more than that at the bottom of the resort in Echoland!



8cm was predicted for the top of Happo-One, yet 32cm fell in Echoland which means around 60cm at the top of the resort!



7 Responses to Snow Forecast

  1. Bob Chan says:

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks for your ticket information for Hakuba, It;s real helpful.
    Where I can find the ski-school price in Hakuba 47?

    Best Regards,
    Bob Chan

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Bob. You can go direct to their website here.

  3. Bob Chan says:

    Dear Tony,
    I did find this page of website. Still have some questions.
    Ski Course Plan Price 2hour 4hour
    Lesson Plan
    (Hakuba47 Area) 1-3 person ¥18,000 ¥25,000
    add person / each ¥5,000 ¥5,000
    Whether the above price list is included the ski equipment (for ski, pole and boot…)
    Or about the ski and pole, I need to pay extra money?
    Thanks for your reply!

  4. Hakuba Blog says:

    Unfortunately not Bob. You need to pay extra for the gear.

  5. Bob Chan says:

    Dear Tony,

    Thanks for your answers. I need to consider and modify my budget again.
    You help me a lot!

    Best Regards,
    Bob Chan

  6. Jocelyne says:

    My name is Jocelyne and I would like to come with my husband and 2 kids (9 & 12) next year. When would be the best month to come. I was thinking March? Would that be a good one?

  7. Sharmaibe says:

    Used the ticket vouchers this year that you had on your website they were great looking forward to coming back in jan 2016

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