Hakuba Snow Guides

Bill Glude from Alaska

Head out with Bill on one of his BC tours and learn the art of choosing the right lines. Thanks to Shaun Williams for the pic

If you are looking to do some back country skiing and boarding in Hakuba then Bill Glude is the man you want to head out with. His extensive knowledge of everything snow makes it more than just a great day of fresh tracks but a first hand education on snow pack, avi risks and choosing the right line. Hakuba backcountry can be a dangerous place. My advice if you wish to head out into it is to spend your first day here with Bill so you can get a better understanding of the conditions, geography and of the type of snow we have here. Every place has it’s dangers but with a little local knowledge the Hakuba BC will open up a world of adventure.

Bills profile from the Alaskan Avalanche School

Bill Glude is the owner of and lead forecaster/instructor for Alaska Avalanche Specialists, LLC. in Juneau, and was the founder and director for 12 years of the nonprofit Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center. Bill is a Professional Member, boardmember, and recognized instructor with the American Avalanche Association. His 30+ years of professional avalanche experience and 35+ years of serious snow study include backcountry ski and heliski and snowboard guiding, and teaching over six thousand students in avalanche courses ranging from basic awareness to Level 3, crew, professional, and guide training. Bill is actively involved with snow and avalanche research and has published a number of papers, reports, and articles on his studies and on applied snow science techniques. Bill’s consulting work includes avalanche forecasting for the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), the Alaska Division of Emergency Services, and the Alaska Department of Public Safety. It includes studies, mapping, and avalanche program development for the proposed Lynn Canal road and other Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) projects, avalanche plan development for the CBJ, site studies for the US Forest Service and several tourism operators, and avalanche rescue work for the Alaska Department of Public Safety. It includes forecasting, comprehensive avalanche plan and structural and operational mitigation program development and operation with helicopter and other explosive work for the A-J and Kensington Mines, the Alaska DOT&PF, and several powerplants and transmission systems.

Alaskan Avalanche School

If you would like to book a Back Country Tour with Bill or one of his Avalanche Courses please talk to the White Horse Hotels or Evergreen Outdoor Center.


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