Family holidays in Japan

snowmobiling in Hakuba

Who’s having more fun?

What are your memories as a child? For me I can remember every family holiday from the age of 4.
It’s a busy world out there now and information technology has intertwined the boundaries of work and leisure. That’s ok but don’t forget to take some real time off with the family. Anyone with kids will tell you, “they grow so fast”, and before you know it they will be off doing their own thing. One of the benefits of skiing is the bond it creates within a family. If mum and dad are going to pay for the kids to go skiing they will come along for as long as you want them to, even well into their 20s. I remember this one family we had stay with us this past season. Expats living in Hong Kong – apartment living with ipads as their best friends. The joy I saw as the kids threw their first snowball at their father  was what gives me job satisfaction, “Smiling Faces”, is my mission statement. Dad decides to take revenge and then mum joins in too and this was even before they stept foot into the hotel. The next few days of skiing, building snowmen and igloos, snowball fights full of laughter, tobogganing and snowmobiling was just great to see. The family reconnected and I am positive we will see them all again in the not too distant future.

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2 Responses to Family holidays in Japan

  1. Maria Gwinner says:

    Hi all, this will be my first time in Japan and Hakuba in Jan 2015. Can you please advise other than ski gear what type of clothing will I require?
    Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.
    Maria xx

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Good boots and a Jacket and scarf will usually do the job

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