Happo One, Hakuba, Japan

Old ski lifts

51 years since the first lift went in at Happo. Don't worry they have changed them.

Happo One is the Grand Statesman of ski resorts in Japan. It is the most famous and regarded as the premiere resort in the whole country by the Japanese as voted in a popular national skier magazine.  Known by the locals as just Happo, the mountain offers a lot of terrain options with big long cruisers, some good steeps, and easy access backcountry. With a little exploring, powder is commonly found within the resort for days after it has snowed. Happo One (hap-po-o-ne) was the site for all of the downhill events for the Nagano winter Olympics in 1998.

Ski lifts

The lift system at Happo works well. Even better with a little local knowledge

The mountain is situated right in the middle of the Hakuba Valley with the other resorts spread evenly either side. Because of it’s fame and position it tends to be the busiest mountain in the Valley also but when I say busy you will barely see a lift line on a weekday out of the holiday periods. I enjoy Happo for many reasons and every year it just keeps getting better as I discover more. For those staying at the White Horse I am always happy to take guests there for a guided tour. First tracks off course so don’t be late:)


A picture of Happo from the sky


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