Hakuba spring time backcountry

It’s a great time of year when the temperatures are a little warmer but there is still mountains of terrain to ski and ride here in Hakuba. With a dusting of snow overnight and the forecast of a sunny day I decided that it’s a good morning to head out and explore the area above Happo One. I took the lifts to the top and proceeded to boot it up for about 20 minutes to the hut. There was still some cloud around and as always I was prepared to take the conservative approach if need be and hike back down the way I came.


Above the clouds at Happo One

As I got higher the clouds started to open up a little for a moment at a time but then another would blow in. As I was taking a break with a warm drink from my flask and a chocolate bar there was an instant moment when the cloud just dispersed.


Amazing views at the top of Happo

This gave me the opening I required to drop in. The conditions were icy at the top however 100 meters in I was able to find some wind blown powder. It was a nice easy run down however there is still a need to beware of the hazards of being out in the backcountry.

Hakuba avi

Avalanches are a constant threat in the BC here so be aware.

Conditions were a little icy all the way down and I thought I may have been going to get my feet wet at the bottom however there is still snow bridges over the river. A precarious dash over at this time of year with the sound of running water just under you.

snow bridge

Don’t stop to admire the view when crossing the river

I enjoy stopping often to take in the spectacular views for the whole journey down.

Happo north face

The Happo north face valley

A great day to be enjoying this wonderful part of the world.


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