Wine in Hakuba


Charles knows exactly where to go for the best of everything in Hakuba.

Charles Lawrence has been sliding around Hakuba for 15 years now and has a lot of knowledge of the mountains and basically anything to do with Hakuba.  A great resource for anyone coming into town and wanting to know about the history, the mountains and the gastronomic delights that Hakuba has to offer. This is the best information center you could ask for. A chair at his new bar, drinking some of the finest wines available in Japan whilst picking up all the best tips about Hakuba is a must for the start of any holiday here. Located south on 4th street in Echoland and open at 5pm till late everyday, please feel free to drop in.


Village Wine Bar

Formerly known as Vendimia Wine Bar


Welcome to Village wine bar.  Sit back, relax, and explore the wonderful world of wine.  I’ve carefully constructed a list that offers you, the wine lover, a chance to travel the various wine regions of the world.  While I don’t represent each region of every country, I have made an effort to bring you wines that excite your senses and inspire the mind.  I’m glad you decided to drop in and sit a spell.


c. Lawrence

aka charles

The House List

Our list is ever evolving.  we offer you the opportunity to sample some rare treats and hidden gems from around the world of fine wine from vignerons who care about what they’re making and what you’re drinking, so sit back and sip some of the good stuff. Buy the glass (BTG) or Buy the bottle, you’re palate will be pleased!



VWB Proprietary Sparkler            BTG¥800/bottle ¥3800

Jed Blanc de Blancs Mendoza Argentina

BTG¥1200/bottle ¥5000



VWB Proprietary Kiwi Savvy’11

BTG¥700/bottle ¥2800


Annie’s Lane Clare Valley Riesling ‘11

BTG ¥1100/bottle ¥4700


Main Divide Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ‘11

BTG¥1400/bottle ¥6300


Palliser Estate “Pencarrow” Chardonnay ‘11

BTG¥1300/bottle ¥5400


Tahbilk Marsanne ‘09

BTG¥1200/bottle ¥5000



VWB Proprietary S. Australia Shiraz’11

BTG ¥700/bottle ¥2800


Coastline Paso Robles California Merlot’07

BTG¥800/bottle ¥3800


Coastline Paso Robles California Cab’07

BTG¥800/bottle ¥3800


Bill Easton House “H” California Red’07

BTG ¥900/bottle ¥4200


Koyle Reserve Chilean Syrah’10

BTG¥1200/bottle ¥4800


District 7 Monterey California Pinot Noir’09

BTG¥1500/Bottle ¥6500


Ask about BTG Special Selections






The List Exceptional©


The List Especiale’

To keep things interesting we’ve decided to offer you vinous imbibe might not have been able to experience thus far in your times of fine wines.  For the first phase, we’re traveling the U.S. West Coast.  Do rest assured that while you might not be familiar with the labels, you will most definitely find a wine that excites your palate.  Never forget, Flavor Favors the Brave!

Oregon White Wines

From the state’s cool climates, these wines express racy liveliness, with vitality, tension, and gravity.

Elk Cove Estate Riesling ‘06                        ¥4800

Penner-Ash Riesling ‘07                                   ¥6500

Chehalem INOX Chardonnay ‘06                   ¥5500

Chehalem INOX Chardonnay ‘07                   ¥5000

A to Z Chardonnay ‘06                                       ¥4600

A to Z Chardonnay 2007                                   ¥4400

California White Wines

Take a tour of the GoldenState and experience the style and beauty of its myriad regions and cultivars.


Souverain Sauvignon Blanc ‘06                          ¥4700

Hess Su’Skol Vineyard Chardonnay ‘06        ¥6500

Hendry Barrel-Ferm Chardonnay ’05            ¥8400

Made by a crusty old codger who is also designs Cyclotrons


PorterCreek Viognier ’06                                         ¥6500

Porter Creek George’s Hill Chardonnay ’05       ¥8200

Winemaker Alex Davis is a genius.  The wines are stunning.

Lynmar Quail Hill Vineyard Chardonnay ’98      ¥19000

Perfectly aged, filled with joy and ready to please you.

Other AVA’s (American Viticulture Areas)

Il Cuore Chardonnay ’07 Mendocino county                ¥4100

Stolpman “The L’Avion ’05 Santa BarbaraCounty ¥9400

This Roussanne is rich, velvety, and utterly satisfying.

Varner Home Block Chardonnay ’10                        ¥11000

I discovered Varner, had’em imported, & these are all that’s left!

Vin Rouge

Like the whites, these reds hail from the States, almost exclusively showcasing California’s vast and varied climates, but with one outstanding Oregon Pinot.  These Grand Vins faithfully express the GoldenState’s terrific terroirs and cultivars as crafted by some of the most talented vignerons in the world. All wines categorized by Grape. Enjoy!

Pinot Noir

Sometimes criticized for being too plump, when grown in cooler climes, like the Santa CruzMountains, RussianRiverValley, SonomaCoast, and Oregon, U.S. Pinots are mineral driven, with tension and complexity.

Francis Tannahill The Hermit Oregon ’05     ¥12500

Wild mushrooms, hints of forest, and gobs of goodness make this a hedonist’s delight.

Domaine de la Terre Rouge “Durate-Georgetown” Vineyard Sierra Foothills ¥7400

A fresh and pretty, even perfumed red raspberry and cherry fruit nose lightweight and utterly delicious flavors that possess good vibrancy and good if not special length on the sappy finish


The Bros. Jim & Bob Varner craft some of the States’ most sought after wines. Very rare expressions of single vineyard block pinots.

Hidden Block ’08 Santa Cruz Mts                                 ¥10500

Upper Picnic Block ’08 Santa Cruz Mts                      ¥10500

Upper Picnic Block ’09 Santa Cruz Mts                      ¥10500


Cali is famous for its voluptuous cabs, Merlots and Bordeaux styled blends. Scrumptious stuff for sure, minus the Eucalyptus found is many Aussie examples.

THE GIRLS IN THE VINEYARD ’05 CAB                   ¥4800

LakeCounty fruit from sublime vintage. The Girls are the Vines.

Souverain Cab ’06                                                            ¥5000

Souverain merlot ’05                                                    ¥5000

These come from Sonoma’s warm AlexanderValley. Plush, Lush, full of sun and fun!

McKenzie-Mueller JAZZ ’06                                      ¥5200

44%Cabernet Franc/28%Cabernet Sauvignon/18%Malbec10% Merlot

This baby hits all the right notes and is heavenly hedonistic.

Hendry HRW Cab ’05                                                        ¥5700

The Cyclotron making Codger also crafts a classy cab from his lower NapaValley estate. Complex, sophisticated, and sexy.

*Not cali, but special nonetheless

d’Arenberg High Trellis Cabernet ’03            ¥9200

From McLaren Vale’s mad jester, Chester, comes this aged Aussie Cab that is so good, had to list it.  Like all the wines here, quantities limited.



California’s take on what is known as “Shiraz” down under tends to less exuberantly fruity, with floral high tones, dark fruits all swathed in savory notes of smoke, bacon and herbs.


Vigneron Alex Davis’ familial estate focuses on French-inspired wines from Californian terroir. His wines were “Natural” well before the term became fashionable. These are honest, humble, yet wickedly delicious wines.

Timber Vine Ranch ’00                                                    ¥9000

Timber Vine Ranch ’04                                                     ¥9400

Domaine de la Terre Rouge

From the red soils of El Dorado, Bill Easton builds solid, Southern Rhone-styled wines that entice, excite, and enthrall the palate.

Tete a Tete ’03 70%Mourvedre/19%Syrah/11%Grenache        ¥4550

Tete a Tete ’04 58%Mourvedre/25%Grenache/17%Syrah     ¥4550

Edmunds St. John

Stunningly unique wines from a truly individual winemaker, who says this: “Our wines may or may not receive the highest numerical ratings bestowed by the most popular wine journals. At the moment when the wine is in the glass, and the glass is placed before the taster, the numbers are meaningless; if I can offer someone a wine that is thrilling to smell, that is unforgettable to taste, that taster, being only human, cannot help but respond. If that response is forthcoming, I will have done my job”

Rocks & Gravel ‘03                                                           ¥4550

35%Grenache/35%Syrah/30%mourvedre ¥4550

The Shadow ’02 100% Syrah                                                 ¥5500

Exceedingly elegant Syrah that is N.Rhone in its finesse.

Hess Mendocino/Monterey Syrah ’06                ¥4550

Cool climate softness, aged to sumptuously sipping perfection!


This is California’s signature grape, that ampelographers linked to Italy’s Primavera and traced its origin to Croatia. Big, Rich, and full, yet when made by thoughtful producers it Zings with Zin Zen!

PorterCreek Old Vines ’09                                      ¥8000

I helped make this. Added a splash of Carignane for floral lift. Sourced from 90 year old vines, this is Cali viticulture history in a bottle.

Hendry HRW                                                                          ¥4550

The Cyclotron making Codger also crafts this salacious Zin from his lower NapaValley estate. Big, Bold & Beautiful.

Odd Lot Cultivars

PorterCreek Angeli Vineyard Carignane              ¥6500

Sourced from 98 year old vines, this wine pleases the savage in all of us.

Wine Bites ¨

We’ve sourced some savory delights to serve as snacks to flavor your nights.


One of the tested and traditional wine pairings is cheese, but matching the right cheese to a particular wine can be troublesome which why we suggest soft cheeses with whites and hard, semi-hard cheeses with reds.  Our selection of Artisanal cheeses from around the world will set your night right.

Rob Alexander’s Hakuba Goats’ Cheese

Rob’s goats, which he brought from France, graze the glorious Goryu slopes of summer producing a cheese that truly reflects its place of origin and the artesin who crafts it. Yummy stuff!

20grams ¥800

Queso de Oveja Romero

This cheese comes from the Santa Cruz Region  of Spain. Matured for approximately 12 months, this semi hard sheep’s milk cheese has a natural rind covered with blue grey moulds and rosemary. The flavor is sweet, spicy and herbaceous.

20grams ¥1000

Queso de Oveja Don Manuel

This cheese comes from the Santa Cruz Region of Spain. Matured for approximately 12 months, this semi hard Raw sheep’s milk cheese has an intense aroma and lengthy palate.

20grams ¥1100

Queso de Manchego Artesano Curado

To be a D.O. cheese, Manchego has to be made in the La Mancha region of Spain from sheep of the Manchego breed. Ours just so happens to be an Astesano 6 month Curado, a semi-firm cheese produced in small batches from raw milk. It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor.

20grams ¥1000

Valdeon Azul

From Valdeon Spain, this not too spicy blue is a blend of cow and goat’s milk. Before aging, it is wrapped in sycamore leaves, giving it an earthy flavor, which offsets the tangy blue vein traits making a fantastically well-balanced taste.

20grams ¥1000

Terrine de Campagne

House made Nagano Pork terrine is rich, texturally divine and a perfect partner with

fine wine.

150gram slice ¥900

Or have it served as the “Dowgie Style ” Sandwhich. Grilled Terrine, Dijon, Onions, & Tomato, on French Bread.


Spanish Ham

Something most foodies know and you’re about to discover is the beauty of Spanish Jamon.  Spain is world’s leader in producing and consuming ham.  That means some seriously succulent hams are created for us to enjoy with great wine.

Jamon Serrano

This is the “daily” ham of Spanish families.  Almost every home has a Serrano on the counter, ready for slicing.  Ours comes from the village of Burgos and is produced by Cas Alba who specializes in gourmet Jamon. While a bit pricier than standard Serrano, your mouth will treasure the juicy, moist and delicious experience.   These are truly artisanal treats that pair perfectly with a bottle of vivacious vino.

Air-cured Serrano   20 grams  ¥1400

Lush, soft, and luxurious.

Smoked Serrano    20 grams   ¥1400
Just a hint of smoke.

Iberico or Pata Negra

This is the pork of legend. This is the Jamon of dreams. The name Pata Negra refers to the black hoof of this unique breed that ranges the oak forests and fields of Extremadura in the south of Spain.  These pigs live an extremely natural existence in Extremadura, roaming the field and forests foraging for their preferred nosh, acorns.  This acorn rich diet is high in Oleic acid, the same stuff in olive oil, so while succulently sweet, the meat is also pretty darned heart healthy.  With a melting point of just 32°C, Iberico literally places your mouth in a trance. Our source for this treasured treat is producer Cardisan whose 36-month aged Jamon Bellota is proof of that the black hoof is best!

Sliced Bellota  20 grams ¥2000

The single most delicious ham in the world!

Sliced Bellota Chorizo   20 grams   ¥1000

Sweet red peppers wrapped in Iberico richness.

Sliced Bellota Salchichon   20 grams   ¥1000

Slightly spicy with bits of black pepper corns.

Other Edibles

Hummus                                                            ¥700

Manzanilla Olives                                    ¥400

Arbequino Olives                                      ¥400

Fruit/Dry Fruit                                          ¥500

Bread/Spanish EVO/Dukkah             ¥600

Nuts/Olives                                                  ¥500

Chocolate                                                     ¥500

© Our list is on a Rotational basis of extremely rare and limited wines. Apologies in advance if the wine you’re seeking has been sipped out. We’ll surely have something else just as good!

¨ Some foods maybe out of stock due to availability. Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  All Jamon served w/olives and EVO. ALL WINES SERVED IN RIEDEL STEMWARE. BTG=100ML POURS.


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