Win Win Win – First day of the Hakuba season competition


First day of the season 2011/12. A fist pumping good time.

Each year we run a competition to pick the first day of the season. The rules are

  • The first day the lifts open for skiers and boarders at any one of the resorts in Hakuba.
  • One date per person. If 2 or more people choose the same date then we will have a draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
  • The date must be chosen at least one week in advance
  • If a date isn’t chosen then it’s the closest date before.

The prizes are

  • A Hakuba White Horse long sleeve tee or hoodie.
  • 2000 yen voucher at the White Horse Bar in Echoland.

So go to the bottom of this blog and put your date in the comments section or email me HERE and I will add it. Good luck.

The list so far.

Di Hannel – 15th November

Clare – 16th November

Tony A –  17th November

Chris Wilson – 18th November

Amelia H – 19th November

Steph Eastcott – 20th November

Cheryl Parry – 21st November

Nathan Smith – 23rd November

Dan Cockburn – 24th November

Kathryn Wright – 25th November

Steven Bliim – 26th November

Bobbie Ryan – 26th November

Adrian Taricani – 27th November

Drew Eldred – 29th November

Adam Lam – 2nd December

Joseph Papparlardo – 3rd December.

Daniel Mee – 6th December

Danny Wright – 12th December


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27 Responses to Win Win Win – First day of the Hakuba season competition

  1. Amelia H says:

    November 19th

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Amelia. Locked in

  3. Clare says:

    November 16.


  4. kathryn wright says:

    25th November

  5. Hakuba Blog says:

    Some snow due this week Clare so you could be right there.

  6. Hakuba Blog says:

    That was my next pick Kathryn. Looks like a good storm building around that time too.

  7. Joseph Pappalardo says:

    December 3rd

  8. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Joseph. I’m toey for an early start but December is more usual.

  9. adam lam says:

    December 2nd

  10. Chris Wilson says:

    18th November

  11. Drew Eldred says:

    November 29th

  12. Danny Wright says:

    December 12th

  13. Hakuba Blog says:

    Dates are filling in now. I want early so I can get on it before everyone comes to Hakuba.

  14. Cheryl Parry says:

    November 21st

  15. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks for your entry Cheryl

  16. Anonymous says:

    November 26

    Steven Bliim – I take a size M 🙂

  17. Hakuba Blog says:

    I’ll get it ready now Steven

  18. Bobbie Ryan says:

    Can I also go for the 26th November?

  19. Dan Cockburn says:

    24th November

  20. Di Hannel says:

    After a big dumping tonight I’ll go for November 15th

  21. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Dan. Something is brewing around that time on the charts.

  22. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Di. Rules are rules. you have to put your date in at least a week in advance. I like your optimism though so i’ll bend this one time. Good luck and I hope I’m sliding by weeks end.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Fingers crossed Tony! It was the 26th last year, I think…

  24. J. Mitchell says:

    22nd November

  25. Adrienne says:


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