Travel Insurance for the snow


You can get into all sorts of predicaments on the snow

Sliding around on snow can be dangerous and just a walk around on the icy streets can end up cutting short your winter holiday. Every year we see lots of different injuries and afflictions from broken bones to cuts and scrapes and head injuries to torn muscles, tendons and ligaments. Thankfully nothing life threatening has passed by me yet. It’s not a nice way to end up especially after the excitement that builds prior to coming to Hakuba and the money that you have spent getting here. We always recommend to all of our customers that they purchase travel insurance as soon as they start spending any money  for their trip. There are all sorts of reasons that can alter your plans and even though you may miss out on going on your holiday or having to leave early then at least you are covered financially for your costs.  I really feel for the people we see each season with plaster casts or walking around on crutches however it is just apart of this crazy sport that we do, in this slippery environment.

Some tips

Ski and board under control and look out for your fellow sliders. Skiing doesn’t usually injure people, it is the crashing that does the damage

Warm up with a few light stretches. We don’t get many lift lines here so you usually won’t get that time before you jump on the first lift unless you make it.

Put in some pre holiday exercise training.

Protective clothing, braces and strapping are good precationary measures.

As for walking around town always take small steps and try and walk on the crunchy snow on the side of the paths. Stairs can get icy so take care. Anything shiny is a warning not to walk on. Another word of warning is to not dive into a snow bank. It may look nice and soft but you never know what might be hidden under it.

Stay safe this winter and have lots of fun.

Check out these travel insurance options for good snowsport policies.

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