Google map of Hakuba

Hakuba map

Where to next. Google earth will make resort guiding much easier.

Google Earth have recently upgraded their map of Hakuba. It’s still not the highest of quality that you get in some places however it is a large improvement to what it was like. You are able to see much more terrain detail which is especially good if you are considering heading into the back country. It’s a good idea to print off some maps and plot your course before you head out. You can get a good idea of the ski resorts also. I am sure this will be used a lot at the computer at the White Horse Bar

Here is the link to the Google Map use the controls at the top of the map to move around and zoom in and out. Just to state the obvious this is a satellite photo taken during the warmer months which is why there is no snow. If you move north a little up the valley you will see the photo there was taken in the winter a couple of years ago.

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2 Responses to Google map of Hakuba

  1. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget to get a guide if you’re venturing off into hakuba’s bc for the first time, even if you think you’re an experienced bc person. if you don’t live here and don’t know the snowpack’s history, like where weak layers are, then you could snap off something more than you want…

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    It’s always good to get a locals perspective before heading out into the backcountry. Read here for more on guiding.

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