Win Win Win – First day of the season competition

First day of sliding

Afternoon sunset on Goryu/ hakuba47 on the first day of lifts opening in December 2010

Each year we run a competition to pick the first day of the season. The rules are

  • The first day the lifts open for skiers and boarders at any one of the resorts in Hakuba.
  • One date per person. If 2 or more people choose the same date then we will have a draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
  • The date must be chosen at least one week in advance
  • If a date isn’t chosen then it’s the closest date before.

The prizes are

So go to the bottom of this blog and put your date in the comments section or email me HERE and I will add it. Good luck.

The list so far.

25th November   Jenn G.

30th November   Gary G.

1st December      Peter Schellenberger

2nd December      Hakuba.

3rd December      Jono

4th December      Amanda Simmons

5th December      Matt.

6th December      Rick & Meg Olson

7th December      Rob Leen.

8th December      Josh Jackson

9th December      Ryan.

9th December      Jordan Duncan

9th December      Shane GN

9th December      Rohin

10th December    Adam Harrington

10th December    Steven Shanahan

10th December    Dan

10th December    Alexander K

11th December    ManoGriffiths

11th December    Aaron

12th December    Lisa Fletcher.

13th December    Joe Gosney.

14th December    Dave.

15th December    James McCollum

15th December    Sam Pointon

16th December    Ben Flowerday.

17th December    Daniel Pittock.

17th December    Barry Donovan.

17th December    Taran Marston

18th December    Chiharu Anderson.

18th December    Cherie Walker

19th December    Dave Mulholland

22nd December    Michael inDubai



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39 Responses to Win Win Win – First day of the season competition

  1. Hakuba Blog says:

    My date is the 2nd of December. Go you good thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going for 5th December

  3. matt says:

    i’m going for 5th December!

  4. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hey Anonymous for the 5th. You left me with no details Shoot through an email at the link above if you want to stay anon.

  5. Hakuba Blog says:

    Sorry guessing it was you Matt with the next pick

  6. Joe Gosney says:

    13th of December

  7. Ben Flowerday says:

    December 16. Oo yeah.
    Hey Tony! Hope all is well!

  8. ryan says:

    december 9, as long as it is well before january, i’m happy

  9. Lisa Fletcher says:

    December 12 – crossing my fingers!

  10. Daniel Pittock says:

    17th I’d December, as long as there is snow before Christmas I’m happy!

  11. 17th December, with a long season and a late finish!

  12. Hakuba Blog says:

    Don’t discount November. We got some more coming tomorrow night and Monday.

  13. Dave says:

    December 14

  14. Jenn G. says:

    November 25th (I’m an optimist)

  15. Hakuba Blog says:

    Looks like some snow this week Jenn so I’m hoping you’re right.

  16. Chiharu Anderson says:

    18th of Dec

  17. Jono says:

    Dec. 3rd!

  18. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Jono. Lets Hope. It should be snowing up top right now.

  19. Michael in Dubai says:

    my pick is the 22nd Dec.

  20. How about December 10th

  21. Rick and Meg Olson says:

    December 6th

  22. says:

    10 December

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  24. Dan says:

    I reckon December 10 as well.

  25. Hakuba Blog says:

    It’s been snowing up high all night and now to the valley there would be some good cover. More due later in the week. I’m still confident for an early start 🙂

  26. Cherie Walker says:

    Im guessing Dec 18th so looks like you may have to wait on me and Chiharu 😉

  27. James McCollum says:

    15 Dec

  28. Mano Griffiths says:

    11 December.

  29. Amanda Simmons says:

    4 December

  30. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Amanda. I want an early season start too so I can greedily have the snow to myself.

  31. Josh Jackson says:

    8th of December

  32. Peter Schellenberger says:

    Dec 1

  33. Jordan Duncan says:

    9th of December – fingers crossed!

  34. Sam Pointon says:

    15TH OF DECEMBER!!!!!!!!

  35. Dave Mulholland says:

    19th of December. Think it might warm up a little first in the next few weeks…maybe! I won’t get there until 22nd anyway so 19th will be fine by me, haha. See you in the bar for some beers!

  36. Hakuba Blog says:

    The talk at Goryu is they may open today or tomorrow. If not then the next storm is due in 6 days time.

  37. Hakuba Blog says:

    OOHH. Looks like we might have something happening tomorrow. I don’t want to jump the gun as the lifts haven’t opened yet but the resorts are planning on running some lifts, or so they say.

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