Zen Restaurant

Zen Restaurant

Another great restaurant in Hakuba

One of the best Soba restaurants in Hakuba is Zen. The first thing you will notice when you walk into the restaurant is the beautiful architecture. In fact the building started it’s life many years ago further away in the countryside as a farm house which was slowly falling apart. It was saved and brought to Hakuba by the current owners who renovated the structure turning ¬†it into a restaurant with a really traditional feel. There is tatami seating and also a private room and a counter for those who find it difficult sitting on the floor. ¬†Although famous for it’s soba, I really enjoy the range of small sharing dishes they have including deep fried baby shrimp, octopus in olive oil, agedashi dofu, and the tempura. There is a good range of sake to try and the beer is always cold.

Open HoursDay time 11:30-14:00

Night time 17:30-21:00

Closed on Wednesdays


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4 Responses to Zen Restaurant

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great experience…..a must try!

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hey Anon. Great to hear you loved it. I was there again last month and I really enjoy the deep fried fresh water shrimp. I could eat that all night with a cold beer to accompany me.

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