Vending Machines

vending machine

"Hot chips. Get your hot chips here."

Japan is the land of the vending machine.¬†One of my hobbies is to take photos of all of the different types while I travel around Japan. You will notice them everywhere and there are many different offerings. Most people would be familiar with the standard cold drinks but here, there is also hot drinks in cans and bottles available from, in many cases, the same machine. Just remember when buying a can of coffee that the red sticker is for warm and the blue is cold. You’re on your own whether it comes with sugar or milk. I like to just call it a lucky dip. After a few attempts you will find the one you like the most. ¬†Beer vends are common and you may even see one that sells large bottles of whisky, gin and red wine. I have seen them selling vegetables, apples, eggs, fishing tackle and live bait, hot chips and fried food, cup noodles, cans of oden, onsen water, ice cream, pyjamas, medicines, sex toys, fresh flowers, live gold fish and the list goes on. The best coffee is from the machine that has the video footage of the drink being made in the machine and plays a catchy tune. Most machines will take 1000 yen notes Another odd thing is that they can be located in the most bizarre spots. You will see them on a quiet roadside, down laneways that look forever deserted and even on the top of some of the ski resorts. Please take a photo and send it on to me if you see any strange one’s on your travels.

wine vending machine

Never say never however it is very unlikely I will ever buy red wine from a vending machine unless they start putting Grange in it.


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