Meeting spot

Happo One

Ski in for a bowl of ramen

Before you hit the slopes with your friends and family in the morning make sure you decide on an exact meeting spot on the mountain in case you split up. My favourite way to arrange it is to meet at a certain spot on the hour. If the person is not there within 5 minutes then meet on the next hour. This ensures that someone isn’t just waiting around for the whole time especially when there is powder everywhere. At the top of the Gondola  on Happo One there is a large day lodge called Usagidaira to keep you warm and well fed. There is a big cafeteria inside serving basic Japanese food like ramen, curry and cutlets, along with a bakery and a kabab shop. There is a handy store selling all the bits and pieces that get lost, break or left in your room back at the hotel. If your meeting spot is here, make sure you say exactly where otherwise you could be walking around for a 1/2 hour looking for each other. Ask us at the White Horse when you are booking your trip to arrange some rental walkie talkies for your stay so you can be in touch with your crew when you’re on the mountain. Remember overseas 2 way radios are illegal in Japan. 


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2 Responses to Meeting spot

  1. Sounds like alot of fun, I didn’t know two way radios were illegal in japan though. Very interesting post.

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    You can buy two way radios here in Japan to use, that have the correct frequency. I am unsure if you will have the same issue when you try to use those in another country though.

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