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Stay in touch with your loved ones while still enjoying your ski holiday in Hakuba

You have decided it is time to take that much deserved holiday in the snow. But what about the family and work commitments. Hakuba has a fibre optic internet network which means quick and easy connection to your loved ones and I’m sorry to say also to your dreaded work place. Lets face it, when you are on holidays the last thing you want to have to deal with is work issues. Put it this way though, your office can be situated in one of the most beautiful winter wonderlands in the world. A couple of hours getting first tracks and then back to the hotel to take a conference call before lunch. Not such a bad situation. We also find that many of our guests like to speak to their elderly parents or grandparents each week to make sure they are fine. We have introduced many of our guests to the SKYPE way of communications. ¬†Join up to Skype and you can talk from computer to computer for free. Maybe granny doesn’t have a computer so the beauty of skype is that from our computer here you can call a land line, mobile or even text a message to your tech savvy mum for a very low cost. Maybe 3 cents a minute. We supply the computer, headsets and free internet use for our guests. So give it a go. Check out this link here. It will save you a fortune in long distance calls. If you want to test it out please feel free to contact me anytime on our skype line at whitehorsehakuba

I wish I was getting paid commission but no, just happy to pass on a great service.


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