Hakuba snow season 2009-2010

Last day of the season 2010

Last day of the Hakuba resort skiing for the season. Thats 144 days. 333yen per day on a season ticket. Thats cheap

The snow season for 2009/10 has come and gone. Opening day was recorded here on my Hakuba Blog on the 16th of December  and finished up at the same resort, “Goryu”, on the 9th of May. It has been a fantastic season with plenty of snow and many epic powder days along with lots of bluebird days. I was able to get out on the mountain with many of our guests and show them some of my favourite spots. I notched up another resort, “Nozawa’, on my Snow CV and I dropped some new lines out in the back country. An injury to my ankle kept me out for a few weeks but overall for me personally it was another great season on the snow.  It started a little later than usual but as we all know what can happen in Hakuba, the snow gods pounded us with 2 meters of snow in a couple of days and then continued to pound us with a spectacular amounts over the next few weeks. Those lucky enough to be here to experience Hakuba at it’s best were astounded. Those of us who have been lucky enough to have made Hakuba our home just nod our heads, smile and announce, “that’s why we live here”.

I hope to see you all next season.



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