Hakuba 5th December, 2009

wine tasting

Just a few of the wines on selection

Snowing a little up high today but still not quite enough to get the lifts moving. The next best thing would be to hold an industry wine tasting day. When I first came to Hakuba many years ago I was disappointed by the range of wines available here. The supermarket hasĀ  super cheap bottles of something that looks like wine however if it is, it has been strained through Roger Fedderer’s tennis shoe after an open win. When I started the White Horse Hotel in Echoland I had sourced some very good suppliers of international wines predominantly Australian as they were the wineries and regions I knew best. Over the last few years I have broadened the range to include New Zealand, Californian, French, South African and South American. Today I asked one of our major suppliers to hold a tasting at the hotel for the other restaurant, bar and hotel owners to try a number of different wines. I think that it is only a good thing for every business here to have a good selection of wines in every price range. It only improves everyone’s overall experience here in Hakuba. It is also good that I can go out to any of the great restaurants here and order a bottle of good wine myself. Today we had 50 different bottles to try and I must say a great day was had by all. It’s a tough job here but hey someone has to do it to ensure our guests get the best. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Kampai (cheers in Japanese)



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1 Response to Hakuba 5th December, 2009

  1. Clint says:

    The third bottle from the left, the Dead Arm, if a fantastic wine.

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