Hakuba 4th December, 2009

Hakuba sun rise

Hakuba sun rise

Rain in the Valley. Don’t dispair. Hakuba Valley sits on an elevation of 750 meters above sea level. The top of Happo One rises quickly from the valley floor up to 1831 meters.  The resort boasts 1071 verticle meters of runs and the longest course is 8 km. Down in the restaurant at breakfast I inform our guests  that while it may be raining and miserable occasionally outside the  big windows, the freezing level may only be a hundred meters up the road and it has been dumping snow on the mountain all night.  Each morning we assist our guests in finding the best snow conditions in the valley. Our experience here and knowledge of the weather ensures that our guests get the optimum skiing and boarding available. As there are a number of microclimates throughout the valley it means that there can be a huge difference within the 25 km between the resorts of Cortina and Kashimayari. Which mountain will you be choosing. I see many people come into our reataurants and bars each night who are staying at other hotels saying they had a pretty ordinary day and our guests telling them that they had one of the best days of their lives on the mountain. When staying in Hakuba please make sure your hotel can get you to ALL of the resorts and that they have the knowledge of where the best place is to go to each day.



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Living the dream and "Riding The White Horse". Come and stay with us in Hakuba and we'll show you the best of what Hakuba has to offer.
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