Cheap lift tickets for Hakuba 47, Goryu and Iimori

47 Voucher

It has always amazed me how cheap the lift tickets are in Hakuba and the discount vouchers make it an even bigger bargain. 5100 yen for an adult day pass including a 1000 yen meal and drink voucher. Kids at 3000 yen including the voucher too. Crazy prices for such a fun mountain that has something for everyone including arguably the best park in the valley. There is also the Hakuba Valley pass for convenience. It is a little more expensive but no lining up at ticket boxes in the morning is a bonus.

For the discount pass, print off the PDF below and hand it over when purchasing tickets at the resort only.

Hakuba47 voucher


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3 Responses to Cheap lift tickets for Hakuba 47, Goryu and Iimori

  1. Sharmaineadamson says:

    Hi Can you use these vouchers for 2018-2019 as they are dated 2017-2018


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  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Is now. Sorry about that 🙂 They must have had the old one up on their site too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Tony !

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