Hakuba Valley First Day of the season competition 2018/19

First day 2017

First day last season was the 21st of November.  I remember it well.

It’s on again. Each year we run a competition to pick the first day of the season. The rules are simple

  • The first day the lifts open for skiers and boarders at any one of the resorts in Hakuba.
  • One date per person. If 2 or more people choose the same date then we will have a draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
  • The date must be chosen at least one week in advance
  • If a date isn’t chosen then it’s the closest date before.

The prizes are

So go to the bottom of this blog and put your date in the comments section or message me HERE and I will add it. Good luck. Remember that the resorts will open as soon as there is enough snow on the ground so it’s pretty much any time now. Just patiently waiting for THAT storm.

The list so far.

Tricia – 16th November

Danial Atkins – 17th November

Brin McNab – 19th November

Keesha Millar

Mark Rees

Von – 20th November

Steve J – 21st November


TJ – 22nd November

Shea Oliver

Joaquin Wong

Caleb – 23 November

Bec Britt

Ian Lee

Pete – 24th November

William – 25th November

Susie Teo

Byron (last years winner)

Kyle – 26th November

Snowriders Australia

Toby – 27th November

Kelsey – 28th November

William F – 29 November

George long-Howell

Kath Dumas

Zia Jasper

Steven Wilkes

Tom Parker

Nate – 30th November

Chad Edwards

Brian Glynn – 1st December

Brian Morris

David McAlister


Alex Nicholson – 2nd December

Liam Baker – 3rd December

Adin Uhrig

Taylor Marsh

Veronica Lin

Jay – 4th December

Chad Steele – 5th December

Peter Moon

Tereza Foulcher

Tuulia – 6th December


Peng Li

Paul Cathcart – 7th December

Stephen Bryant

Nathan K


Coco Lin

Matt Bryson – 8th December


Kacy Marsh – 9th December

Wing Choi Lam

Allen Marsh – 11th December

Adam R 13th December



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62 Responses to Hakuba Valley First Day of the season competition 2018/19

  1. Kyle says:

    26th November 🏂🏂

  2. Taren says:

    26 Nov

  3. William says:

    25th November

  4. Liam Baker says:

    3rd December,2018.

  5. Liam Baker says:

    The 3rd of December, 2018

  6. Toby says:

    27th November, 2018

  7. Caleb says:

    23rd November

  8. Kelsey says:

    28th November 2018

  9. Bec Britt says:

    23rd November ☃️

  10. Tricia says:

    November 15

  11. Brin McNab says:

    19 November

  12. Brian glynn says:

    Dec 1st

  13. Steve J says:

    21st November

  14. Matt Bryson says:

    8th of December

  15. Alex Nicholson says:

    Dec 2nd

  16. Brian morris says:

    December 1st

  17. David McAlister says:

    Dec 1st

  18. Nate says:

    Nate – 30th november

  19. Von says:

    Von 20 November!

  20. Reza says:

    Reza – 21 Nov!

  21. William F says:

    29th november

  22. PeterC says:

    1st December

  23. Jay says:

    December 4th

  24. George long-Howell says:

    29th November

  25. Ian Lee says:

    23rd November

  26. Angeline says:

    Angeline: 8Dec

  27. Kath Dumas says:

    29th November

  28. Adam R says:

    13 December

  29. ziajasper says:

    Zia Jasper- 29th November

  30. Susie Teo says:

    25th November

  31. Tuulia says:

    6th December

  32. Anonymous says:

    Steven Wilkes – 29 November

  33. Keesha Millar says:

    Keesha – 19 November

  34. Tom Parker says:

    29th November

  35. Anonymous says:

    5th December!

  36. Hakuba Blog says:

    hey anonymous. Do you have another name? 🙂

  37. December 7th!!
    ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Bryant Dec.07

  39. Adin Uhrig says:

    December the 3rd

  40. Joaquin wong says:

    November 22

  41. Justin says:

    6th December

  42. Anonymous says:

    7th December

  43. Nathan K says:

    7th December

  44. Peter moon says:

    5th of December

  45. Tereza Foulcher says:

    Put me down for December 5th opening please Tony. Looking forward to seeing you all then! Tereza

  46. Marc Rees says:

    15th November

  47. Kacy Marsh says:

    Kacy Marsh 9th December

  48. Taylor Marsh says:

    3rd December

  49. Allen Marsh says:

    11th December Allen Marsh

  50. Veronica Lin says:


  51. Byron says:

    25th of November 🙂 haha

  52. Anonymous says:


  53. Chad Edwards. says:

    30th November 🦑

  54. Hakuba Blog says:

    Looking good for some snow at the end of this week. Lets hope it’s enough to get the lifts rolling.

  55. Kat says:

    December 7th 🏂🏂

  56. Peng Li says:

    Peng Li

  57. Coco Lin says:

    Coco Lin-Dec7th.

  58. Wing Choi Lam says:

    Dec.9th Wing Choi Lam

  59. Lin Xiaoyin says:

    Lin Xiaoyin DEC 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has to be Dec.16.

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