Narita Terminal 3


Tokyo Narita airport opened up it’s terminal 3 earlier this year for some of the low cost carriers like the Jetstar airline. If you are arriving into Terminal 3 then you may need to make your way to the bus stops or the train line at terminal 2. There is a bus transfer however you will probably find the walk is just as easy. Facilities at the terminal are quite good with plenty of restaurants and a Lawsons convenience store. There is also a 7/11 cash machine which you can use with your Visa or Mastercard to get some yen. (probably better to get some before you leave home though). It is a 520 meter covered walkway between terminals on a running track surface which is quite easy going. It is covered but will be really cold in the winter so have a jacket handy and some gloves.

Narita 2

Step out of customs and straight onto the race track

Narita 3

Up the escalator and you are in starting position


plenty of food options if you are peckish after your flight

Narita airport

and a lawson’s conveni for bits and pieces. (Fried chicken is yum)

Narita cash machine

Get some Yen out with your Visa or Mastercard here.


Down another escalator and off you go.

Narita terminal 2

In through the doors here to Terminal 2. Trains. baggage delivery service and information counter




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