First day of the season competition 2014/15


22 nd of November 2013 and getting fresh tracks on Goryu

Each year we run a competition to pick the first day of the season. The rules are

  • The first day the lifts open for skiers and boarders at any one of the resorts in Hakuba.
  • One date per person. If 2 or more people choose the same date then we will have a draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
  • The date must be chosen at least one week in advance
  • If a date isn’t chosen then it’s the closest date before.

The prizes are

So go to the bottom of this blog and put your date in the comments section or email me HERE and I will add it. Good luck. Remember that the resorts will open as soon as there is enough snow on the ground so it’s pretty much any time now.

The list so far.

Tony A – 15th November

Stu Cormack – 16th November

Martie – 16th November

James – 17th November

Brendan Keryk – 17th November

Andy McGrath – 17th November

Jonathon Mizen – 18th November

Leigh – 19th November

Michael Lewis – 19th November

Martin Silitonga – 19th November

Morgan Lund – 20th November

Simon B – 20th November

George A – 20th November

Mick Lay – 21st November

Jonesy – 21st November

Nick Meecham – 21st November

Brett Wilson – 21st November

Shane T – 22nd November

Dean Pollock – 22nd November

George Grant – 22nd November

Raphael C – 22nd November

Grant McGarva – 23rd November

Ingrid Grant – 23rd November

Shane J – 24th November

Cath Muecke – 24th November

Michael McGrath – 24th November

Robert L – 25th November

Ian Phipps – 25th November

Arthur Jones – 25th November

Nicole Plozza – 26th November

Hamish – 26th November

Ungracefulplodder – 26th November

Claire Stabler – 26th November

Phillip Kok – 26th November

Leanne – 27th November

Joshua Turner – 27th November

William F – 28th November

Josh – 28th November

Clare – 29th November

Sam Smith – 29th November

Adrian Caspar – 29th November

Scott Menegon – 29th November

Pricey – 30th November

Mike – 30th November

Lora – 1st December

Matt – 1st December

Geoff Forester – 2nd December

Bridget K – 3rd December

Stacey Giles – 4th December

Harriet – 4th December

Tereza Foulcher – 5th December

Jon – 6th December

Brent Giles – 6th December


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55 Responses to First day of the season competition 2014/15

  1. Clare says:

    29 Nov.

  2. Leigh says:

    19th November

  3. James says:

    17 November

  4. Jonathon Mizen says:

    18th November

  5. Morgan Lind says:

    20th November

  6. Morgan Lund says:

    20th Nov

  7. Simon B says:

    Nov 20

  8. Leanne says:

    27th November!

  9. Geoff Forrester says:

    2nd December

  10. Stu Cormack says:

    16 th November

  11. ShaneJ says:


  12. Nicole plozza says:

    26th November

  13. Grant McGarva says:

    23rd Nov

  14. Martie says:

    16th November

  15. Robert L says:

    Nov 25. Save the date!

  16. Hakuba Blog says:

    Last years winner has put his date in. Good luck again.

  17. lora says:

    DEC 1ST

  18. Hamish says:

    November 26th

  19. george a says:

    20th November

  20. Brendan Keryk says:

    17th November

  21. Christopher Keryk says:

    11th November

  22. Pricey says:

    30th November

  23. Jonesy says:

    21st November

  24. Joshua Turner says:

    November 27th 2014 boom

  25. Dean pollock says:

    november 22

  26. Anonymous says:

    November 24th

  27. Stacey Giles says:

    December 4th

  28. Hakuba Blog says:

    Latest ones are up
    Christopher Keryk – The date must be chosen at least one week in advance. (most unlikely to open in two days 🙂 Give me another date and I will lock it in.

  29. Ingrid Grant says:

    November 23

  30. William F says:

    28th november

  31. Ian Phipps says:

    25th of November

  32. Bridget K says:

    3rd December

  33. George Grant says:

    22nd November

  34. Martin Silitonga says:

    November 19

  35. Emma Robon says:

    26th November. 🙂

  36. Sam Smith says:

    29th November !

  37. Claire Stabler says:

    26th November

  38. Tereza Foulcher says:

    5th December

  39. Raphael C says:

    22nd November

  40. Josh says:

    28th November

  41. Jon says:

    December 6th

  42. Scott Menegon says:

    29th of November

  43. mike says:

    opps,, 30 Nov!

  44. Julia says:

    How are things since the recent earthquake in Hakuba?

  45. Hakuba Blog says:

    Everybody locked in. This week looks like it is going to happen.

  46. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks for the concern Julia. More info is here.

  47. Katie says:

    Hello, any word on what may be happening this New Years Eve in Hakuba please? I’m coming over for a holiday and was hoping to have some idea of what is good to do on NYE…
    Thank you! 🙂

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