Wine in Hakuba

wine bars in Hakuba

Lots of good wines in Hakuba

Over the years there has been a big transition with wines in Hakuba. When I first came here there was a limited supply of good wines at good prices. I made it one of my goals to change that and we have certainly come a long way. You still may find a red served from the fridge or a dubious cheap french bottle at the supermarket but at least now there are quite a few really good options about. Even the convenience stores have a few cheaper ones to choose from. I have always encouraged the restaurant, bar and hotel owners to learn a little about wines and this year once again I will be holding a tasting before the season on Friday November 21st. This event has always been a popular get together before business gets too busy for the winter.  There are also a few more wine distributors coming to Hakuba this year to introduce themselves and I see that as a great thing. The dining here is exceptional so having the wines to compliment just makes the experience even better.

Azuma Wines will be having a tasting at the Mominoki Hotel on Wednesday the 8th of October, 1-4pm

AWines will be holding their tasting at the Cafe and Bar LION on Wednesday 5th November 12 – 5 pm

Village Cellars will be holding their 9th Hakuba annual wine tasting at the White Horse Hotel on the 28th November 1:00 – 4:30 pm

Drink driving is dangerous and also illegal in Japan and we would like everybody to stay safe so  please spit your wines, catch a taxi,  have a designated driver or take a pleasant stroll home.


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2 Responses to Wine in Hakuba

  1. C.Lawrence says:

    Don’t forget the hard yakka put in by C.Lawrence, who has done more than most to increase the availablity of fun vino in the village…beginning way back in the very early 0’s and continuing with wines bars at the Mominoki and in conjunction with you at the White Horse! And yes, if you drink don’t drive and if you drive don’t drink!

  2. Robert says:

    I do like a good sip o’ vino after a big day out amongst it. Hoping to share a couple of glasses (bottles?) of fine wine with Mr. Lawrence and the rest of the gang this winter, too 🙂

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