What are conditions like in Hakuba this season?

Hakuba snow

panorama shot of Hakuba on a perfect bluebird powder say

It has been a fantastic season so far and there are plenty more days to go. The starting date this year was the 22nd of November and we have had constant top ups ever since with some perfect bluebird days in between. On some occasions I have heard people say , “too much snow”, which can be all too true for those who do not have much experience with powder skiing and riding. The locals are happy with the season also as the majority of the snow is up on the resorts and not down in the valley where it has to be shoveled, bulldozed or blown from every road, path and doorway.  The season will run until the 6th of May so we are not even half way through and I seem to have had my fare share of epic powder days already. Still, I cannot wait for my next big powder turn tomorrow.  Come and experience our epic Hakuba snow season and hit me up for a good deal on accommodation.


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2 Responses to What are conditions like in Hakuba this season?

  1. grasbie says:

    Thanks Hakuba for a great time….home now….back to reality!

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