Matsumoto water park

Wave pool

Perfect rainy day entertainment

LaLa Matsumoto is a great place to spend a lazy rainy day any time of the year. I decided to go on a long weekend which I knew would add to the experience. Generally I don’t particularly enjoy crowds however sometimes I find that by throwing a couple of thousand people into a confined area will create a lot of funny moments. Just add water.  A tip here is to buy a floating ring to get the full Japanese pool time effect. Just to make things easier for you there are compressors at the entrance to inflate them. Size limit on your floating device is 105cm. I liked the “Lazy River” pool which takes you around the whole pool area on a current. The slides are fun but will obviously have a big line on the busy days. They crank up the swell every hour or so in the wave pool which pulls in the crowds. This is where it gets a little crazy with so many people bouncing off each other, lots of laughing and kids screaming.  Lala is located on the northern side of Matsumoto and just 1 hour drive from Hakuba.

Open 9am to 10pm (closed Tuesdays)

Website here

Not quite this bad but I had seen this footage before and it reminded me of it while I was being washed around.


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