Avalanche Education Night

It’s on again this year. Every year a new group of young workers come to do a season in Hakuba and every year I worry about one of them not going home alive. The side country, slack country and back country are amazing here and something to be enjoyed. The problem is that there are dangers lurking everyday in the form of avalanches. I always give our staff a stern warning  at their induction and last year we decided to take it a bit further and run an Avi Awareness Night at the White Horse. Once again this year we will have the Fall Line avalanche education video and we will talk about the Hakuba mountains and what to expect with the snow pack and conditions. Please come and join us. Everyone is welcome.

When – 20th December

Where – White Horse Hotel in Echoland

Time – 5 pm

Cost – 500 yen includes a free drink

Check out Jeremy Jones’ website HERE for some great info with his “Red Flag”, articles. Great reading from someone who knows his stuff along with a first hand account of the risks in Hakuba.


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2 Responses to Avalanche Education Night

  1. I think it’s awesome you’re doing this Tony. That film was certainly a huge wake up call for Glen and I years ago and we really appreciated you making us sit down and watch it.

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks Tara. Just a little knowledge can go a long way in making the correct decision on where to ski and ride in Hakuba.
    Hope all is well with you.

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