First day of the season – Local Knowledge


The local news crews were out on the slopes to capture the first turns of the season.

Winner Winner chicken dinner. The resorts opened up on the 17th of November and the competition has been won by yours truly. I do study up on the weather a little here as I like to plan out my powder expeditions during the season. As with anywhere in the world, forecasting is sometimes a bit of guesswork especially when it comes to the amount of snow that might fall. We also have the Japan Sea just on the other side of the Alps and when a big Siberian cold front comes across, nobody could possibly predict the amount of moisture it will pick up out of there. I think I had a lot of wishful thinking, a bit of local knowledge and I was lucky this time. Thank you everybody for putting in your dates. I feel like the Grinch that stole Christmas so I’m going to put up another competition shortly. I will still accept my prize though 🙂

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