Happo One ski resort


Skyline on Happo One. Good fun on a 30cm powder day

Most of those who visit Hakuba on a ski holiday will want to slide on Happo One at some stage of their stay. It is a great mountain and the most famous of all ski resorts for the Japanese. One of my favourite areas is the Skyline run. Looking down from where the picture is taken the main run veers off to the left just after the first lift tower. There is another ungroomed run if you take the track straight down next to the buildings. It is a fun area and a good one for groups with different levels of skill as it all funnels down to the Skyline lift. It is marked as a blue/intermediate run and does have a cat track option too. There is also some tight trees to test you on both sides of the main run. The only negative is that it is a slow twin seater back up to the top but with lots of people skiing under the lift line there is always something happening below. As you can see the view is quite spectacular towards the north.


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2 Responses to Happo One ski resort

  1. SkiA says:

    I’ve been in Australia and I enjoyed skiing there.I’m planning to spend a vacation in Japan and skiing is one of the adventures I want to do there.I’m excited to explore the Happo One.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    You’ll love it SkiA. Australia can be great fun but Japan is another world.

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