Best Day Ever on the snow

Powder skiing

Felix Brännlund got lost in the White Room at Cortina. Many people got lost in there today

We hear it every year from people who have done seasons all around the globe. They come back from a day in the Hakuba Pow claiming, “that was my best day ever on the snow”. I heard it a lot last night and I would have to say it gives me a good feeling inside. I spend a lot of time promoting the place and I do it confidently knowing that Hakuba can offer an experience that will blow you away. It’s the reason people keep coming back.  It’s also the reason why a lot of us move here, to this little country town in the middle of this beautiful but obscure country. These days my best days ever get a little lost amongst themselves. I now pool them into one of the top 10 days or to say that was “As Good As It Gets”. I know that I am blessed to have had so many great days on the mountain.

Yesterday was as good as it gets. Today will be for many snowboarders and skiers in Hakuba “the best day ever” too.

Rider: Felix Brännlund Photographer: Andreas Arnesson – Guests of the White Horse Hotels.


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