Snowing in Hakuba

Hakuba snow

This mornings deposit of 15cm on the balustrade out side the bar. I love watching it grow.

Its been dumping down all morning and our world has finally turned white in the streets. We have had a few teasers but this time the Hakuba snow machine has been turned on and we don’t expect to see grass until April. We have 15cms in the valley so far and the snow is meant to continue for the rest of the day and night. Another big low is approaching for the middle of next week. Every year we have people contact us with their concerns about the lack of snow early season. We always advise people that there is a good likely hood of one or more of the resorts being open in mid December but it is best to plan to come around Christmas time which always seems to deliver the goods. I spoke to some visitors last weekend from Malaysia and they had a great time for their first experience at the snow. If you want peak conditions with a big base then mid January through to the end of February is the best time. March is great for a mix of powder and sunny days and April is all about spring conditions. Being infatuated by a weather related sport can be frustrating as you just never know what the conditions are going to be like but I know that I will always come off the mountauin with a big smile because a day sliding is always going to be better than a day at work.

Video footage of the growing snow on the balcony last seasonĀ 


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