Radiation in Hakuba ? No, never has been.


We have special protective head gear available if you are worried about radiation

I am still seeing lots of people searching for “is there radiation in Hakuba” or “radiation levels in Japan”. I posted this LINK from the JNTO earlier in the year which outlines the facts quite well. When flying into Toyko or Osaka and making your way to Hakuba you will be nowhere near the Fukushima power plant and you will have zero exposure to radiation from there. Please be rest assured that you and your family can enjoy the magnificent Japanese Alps without the thought that there may be an issue. Things are still quite serious within the area of Fukushima and I don’t want to down play the fact that many people have been adversely affected by the tragic events of March 11th. The IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency which is an independent body has released a number of reports throughout the ordeal which are available to read on their website. An interesting fact that I found was “as of 31 October more than 230,000 people have been screened for contamination – not a single case of adverse health effects has been found in the population”. Even with all of this information available the fact of the matter is tourism is down right across all of Japan. If you are considering coming then it is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the special deals and to see the sights without the crowds. This includes the ski resorts of Nagano. One of the main attractions about Hakuba is the ability to get fresh tracks and it’s going to be even easier this year.

Radiation chart

Click on the chart to enlarge

Here is a good chart that puts it into layman’s terms. The author is not an expert, and that anyone potentially affected by Fukushima should always defer to the directives of regional health authorities. A link to the source



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