Opening day tomorrow – from the Hakuba 47 website

When will the first lifts open in Hakuba. This is a (very) rough translation of the exciting news on the Hakuba 47 Website that the lifts will be opening tomorrow. You can check out the original here

hakuba grooming

It's here

Everyone, we have kept you waiting.

Hakuba47 LINE-1 lift and E at Hakuba Alps Goryu
Tomorrow (Saturday 26) is open.

Hakuba opening day

A prayer to thank the snow gods for what we are about to receive. Amen

This morning a ceremony was held for the staff to pray for the safety of customers and employees for the season.
Thanking you for your important work again, we pray for a safe season as received from the priest Oharai

charge up the hill


After the ceremony in a race to the summit.
The base has not yet accumulated snow. R 1 is a run in the middle and 2 of the groomers will aim to compact the snow there

great start to the season

60-70 cms. Thats a great start. A good base to work with

When you reach the summit it is a different world. 60-70 cms of compacted snow

“I was surprised by the amount of snow. I didn’t expect to see so much. No problem at all to open the lifts”. Line E (one of the lifts) has full cover in the area.

Lifts open 8:30am until 4PM

Lift pass is 2800 yen for Adults and 1250 yen for kids

Both Goryu and 47 will open but there will be no access between them at the top.

You can find more information at there website.




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