Nagano to Hakuba Bus timetable 2018/19 snow season

Nagano to Hakuba bus timetable 2018 - 2019

Here is the bus timetable for the highland express that runs between Hakuba and Nagano during the winter. The starting date is the 1st of December to March the 31st. My preferred choice of travel to Hakuba is to catch the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano and then the bus to Hakuba, When you arrive in Nagano you turn left after the ticket check stalls and walk about 50 meters and then turn left again at the bottom of the stairs. (there is an elevator also) From here you will see the bus terminal on the ground level. The Hakuba bus stop is number 26. You can also pre-purchase at the gift shop under the stairs when you walk down to ground level.  If the store is closed then you can purchase on the bus. Just have correct change. There is a discount for a book of 4 tickets which can also be used on the return journey.

The bus actually runs on a similar timetable for the rest of the year however there are less services so if you are coming during other times just check with your accommodation if there are any changes.

Ticket prices are:
Adults (12 years old and above) 1800 yen
Child ( 6 -11 year old) 900 yen.
Locals tip. If you are travelling on a clear day check  the view out of the front window as you come out of the long tunnel after the toll bridge. You will catch the first glimpses of the impressive Hakuba range.

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50 Responses to Nagano to Hakuba Bus timetable 2018/19 snow season

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  2. jim says:

    Thank you for the information, very helpful.

  3. Hakuba Blog says:

    No problem Jim. If there is anything else you need assistance with or information on please let me know.

  4. Selena K says:

    thank you for this information. Do you have the schedule for the Green Season as well?
    thank you,

  5. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Selena. The times are the same as on the timetable except for the highlighted columns

  6. Pete says:

    Is there a luggage size limit on the bus? Full snowboard bag be ok?
    Trying to work out whether to train out from Tokyo or get a taxi transfer with a group of 6 people.

  7. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Pete.
    Yes full snowboard bags are fine. There is plenty of space in the luggage compartment under the bus. The bullet train is a great experience. You can sit back and watch the world fly by whilst having a bento and a beer.

  8. Pete says:

    Thanks for the reply. Looks like a perfect solution to me.

  9. Mary says:

    Is it necessary to book the seats on the Alpico Highland Express from Nagano to Hakuba? (we are a family of 4.)

  10. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Mary. No need to book. If they run out of seats they will put an extra bus on

  11. prach says:

    can we take the bus to Alpine hakuba chalet from nagano? We have 10 people to go there, no need to reserve a seat, right?

  12. Hakuba Blog says:

    Unfortunately not Prach. They are not a direct delivery service. You will need to off load at the Happo Bus terminal and catch a taxi from there.

  13. Colin says:

    Is this schedule good for 2013 still? I am looking to travel from Tokyo to Nagano, then take the bus to Happoone, then travel back to Nagano Station area.

  14. Hakuba Blog says:

    Yes Colin. This timetable is correct at this time. Have a great trip.

  15. Colin says:

    Thank you, and this will be the same routes through mid April?

  16. Hakuba Blog says:

    Through to Mid March and then they usually just take out the extra services which are coloured.

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  19. grasbie says:

    Hi, is this timetable for buses between Nagano and Hakuba still relevant for January 2014.? Thanks.

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  21. Paddywagen says:

    On the bus today, 8th Jan 2014. The timetable is still up to date. You can pay the fare directly to the bus driver.

  22. Francoise says:

    Hi, we will be arriving at the Nagano station with 2 small kids and associated ski luggage. To get to Happo would you still recommend the regular bus service or would a private transfer be easier ( if so do you have any recommendations?

  23. Paddywagen says:

    Hey Francois, I guess it would depend on how far your accommodation is from the Happo Bus station and whether your hotel provides a free shuttle to pick you up. I don’t know what private transfer yours thinking of so can’t comment. Our own experience was that we took the Alpico Express Bus to the Happo Bus Station. There, the lady at the front counter was more than happy to ring our hotel – think it cost 50 yen, was written on the counter. Our hotel pick us up in less than 10 minutes. We also have two children and 6 (!) pieces of luggage and it was altogether a stress free experience. Have a great time- we’re back in the heat of Australia and feel quite jealous . Also if you get the chance, try the Hummingbird and Sumo restaurants- awesome food!

  24. Jelena says:

    Can you give me link where I can make reservation? Thank you in advanc.

  25. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Jelena. No reservation is available. Usually if the bus is full they are able to put another on at short notice.

  26. Joyeux says:

    I am planning for trip in Jan 2015. May I know if the bus schedule is same as above? Thank you.

  27. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Joyeux. There won’t be much change if any to the schedule. Maybe more services. I will update it closer to the season but you should be safe relying on how it is now.

  28. Barry Chong says:

    Hi, I am going to Hakuba next month, and I would like to try the Nagano-Hakuba bus services. Does it link directly between Nagano Station and Hakuba Station? Do I need to pay any fares or is it just a free ride each way.

  29. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi Barry. Yes the bus goes from Nagano Station to Hakuba Station. Fares are upstairs. ^^^^ Check the post above for all the information.

  30. Di Turner says:

    Does this timetable run before Dec 20? Planning to come on the 19th and wondered if we could use this service?

  31. Jayne says:

    How do we book transfers from Hakuba back to Nagano and then get the Shinkansen to Tokyo?

  32. Benny de Guzman says:

    We are going to stay in Hakuba Tokyu Hotel. Do we get off at the Hakuba bus station or the Happo Bus Terminal

  33. Hakuba Blog says:

    Get off at the Happo bus terminal. If your arrival time is after 7pm it may be easier to get off at the Hakuba Station if you have to catch a taxi.

  34. Hakuba Blog says:

    Sorry for the late reply. You do not need to book the bus for that transfer. If it is a public holiday you may want to book the shinkansen tickets down at Hakuba Station.

  35. Don says:

    Is there a ticketing window at nagano station for the bus or can you only purchase tickets on the bus itself?

  36. Amy says:

    Hi, I am travelling to Hakuba from Nagano feb 21at 2015. Due to plane and trains will have to catch the latest service… Will the 9:45pm option be available still? Also as it will be so late to arrive in Hakuba should we get off at the Hakuba station instead of happo to catch a taxi to the hotel… We are staying at the highland hotel in Hakuba. Thanks, Amy

  37. Cara Gale says:

    My family are flying from Australia on the 23rd of December and then we will catch a Nagano Snow Shuttle from Narita at 11.00 pm , but we will will not get to Hakuba Bus Terminal till 1 am on the 24th , will there be any busses leaving the buss terminal at hakuba to take us to our hotel hakuba or the Rosenheim at Hakuba this time ?? Thank-you Cara

  38. kanyatip says:

    Can we purchase the tickets by the suica card?

  39. Sharon says:

    Hi! We need to catch the 6:30 bus leaving Hakuba to Nagano on January 2 2015 so we can catch the 8:08 train to Tokyo and then Narita as we have a flight to leave. I understand you can’t make a reservation. I am worried if we don’t have seats on the 6:30 bus. Are there any tips you can provide us e.g. get in line 30 minutes or 1 hour before? Thanks so much!

  40. Jude says:

    Hi, we are a group of 10 wanting to go from Hakuba to the Snow Monkeys. We are finding it difficult to rent a car due to the timing (Jan 6-16). I am wondering, in addition to the timetable of Alpico, do you have timetables or suggestions about travelling Nagano to Yudanaka Station? We are also trying to get to the Fire Festival on 15th? Any suggestions? Last question – I am assuming taking a bus from Hakuba to Nagano, and then a train to Narita is the best option to catch a flight? Many thanks.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Is this timetable still the same for the 2015/16 season

  42. Joel says:

    Is this timetable still good for the 2015/16 season

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  44. Sean says:

    This has got to be the most straight forward and informative answer to any question, I have had on my entire trip to japan!

    Thank you very much

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hi – we plan to arrive in dec 2016 and catch bus from Nagano to Hakuba. Will the timetable change? I have heard they stop at 8pm?

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  47. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hi sorry for the delayed reply. Currently it is 8pm however there is an increase in services from the 30th November which should include a later bus for the winter timetable.

  48. Andre says:

    Hakuba Blog, your information above has been very helpful, will this timetable still be relevant January 2017? Also, do you have any advice on how to get to Hakuba from Kyoto with the least transfers possible?
    Many thanks.

  49. Elly Glaves says:

    I am arriving at Haneda Airport on the 28th of December and need to get to Hakuba.
    We are going to travel from the airport to Tokyo, get the bullet train then the bus from Nagano.
    Is this the best way? Do we need to book the bus online?

    Or do you know any reasonably priced transfer from the airport to Hakuba?


  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi Elly,
    I would suggest serving your bullet train as this is peak travel times in Tokyo. You can’t book bus tickets in advance unfortunately and it is first come first served. Once you arrive at Nagano station, you need to head outside and downstairs. If you facing the main exit of Nagano station, the bus pick up is just to the left. Take the lift or stairs down. There is a gift shop as you reach the bottom of the stairs. That is where you buy your bus ticket and it is this tiny slip of paper so don’t lose it! You board the bus just a few meters from there. I suggest getting there if you can 15 minutes so you can be sure of getting a seat. Let me know if you have other questions.

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