Yaki Niku in Hakuba

Yaki Niku

Meat and Beer along with some BBQd cabbage just to balance your diet.

Miyama is one of my favourite restaurants in Hakuba.¬†Unfortunately I don’t get there often but then again I would end up with weight issues and heart problems if I did. Yaki Niku is Korean BBQ. Eating meat and drinking is what it’s all about. The menu is easy as there is a map of the inside of a cow for you to ensure you get exactly what you want. Your hosts will bring out a clay bbq with hot coals to cook up the food yourself. ¬†There is all sorts of cuts of meats from expensive wagyu beef to intestines. This is the type of place where you should be trying new things that you would normally pass up. The restaurant gets lively and is probably not recommended for kids or a romantic dinner. Vegetarians would be happy with a couple of the dishes just in case your group has one in tow. Smoking is allowed in restaurants in most of Japan but this place is so smokey from the cooking that you won’t be able to tell the difference. Cold beer and warm sake compliments the night.

restaurant menu

You can just point at the menu when ordering.

You can check out their website here


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