Jigatake Ski Resort


From the lakes on the right we headed over the mountains into the little cleared valley just above the red dot.

A drive around the Hakuba region will always surprise. I went for a leisurely trip with the family over the top of the ski resort of Kashimayari and then down into the valley behind. It is a beautiful trip with some amazing mountain views. As we followed the river down we stumbled upon a resort that I had not known about. Jigatake is a small ski area with 4 lifts and not a lot of vertical. My first thought was that I would not want to go near the place on a big powder day. They probably get most of there customers from the Omachi Onsen town close by and beginners from Omachi itself before they progress up to Kashimayari. The surface lift they have could entice me for a visit sometime though.

Jigatake ski resort, Nagano, Japan

Now this looks like fun. I might have to dig out my toboggan.


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