Norwegians skiing Japan – Norrona Magazine

Hakuba BC

This photo from Jens-Morten Overvoll captures the Hakuba BC in all it's magnificent splendor

Norwegians love their backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Last season when we had photographer Jens-Morten Øvervoll, writer and pro skier Torkel Karoliussen and pro snowboarder Håvard Ånesen stay with us in Hakuba, they were blown away by the shear size of the mountains here. You can read the article they did here for the Norrona Magazine (page 106) which is the biggest outdoor adventure magazine in Scandinavia. The photography is magnificent. Jens who has 20 years experience in the Norwegian Avalanche Rescue team left us saying in his thick accent, “Tony, I do not want to tell anyone about Hakuba. I want to keep it a secret and I don’t want anyone to come here. I want to keep it for myself”. Looks like the secret is out.


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  1. Good Information and quiet valuable too. I have also subscribed the RSS of the website to get regular updates.

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks. I am happy to answer any questions also.

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