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Hike a little more and find the stuff you really want to ski



The back country options here in Hakuba are truly endless. There are a lot of easy access points just a short stroll from many of the top lifts or you can decide to hike a bit further for some more verticle. A little local knowledge can go a long way and if you drop into the White Horse Bar the guys are usually able to advise you on some places to go to get you started.

Some rules to follow.

  • Always wear a beacon and pack a shovel and a probe and know how to use them.
  • Have some avalanche risk knowledge.
  • Have a sense for adventure.
  • Always be prepared to hike out of somewhere you drop into.
  • Always tell someone where you are going.

Evergreen is the best English speaking backcounty guiding service in Hakuba and offer a range of levels from those who want just a taste of powder to those who would like the full day of hiking to get some of the best lines of their life. Ask us at the White Horse to book you in for a tour when you are making your hotel reservation.


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