Icicles at the White Horse Hotel, Hakuba Japan


Icicles at the White Horse Hotel Hakuba
Icicles at the White Horse Hotel Hakuba

Another great Friday night BBQ at the White Horse Hotel in Echoland last night. The bar was packed with tired limbs, lots of great steak and plenty of conversation after a long day on the mountain!

After spending the past week looking around town for the biggest icicles in Echoland, little did I know that they were right above my head the entire time… literally. The White Horse has, by far & away, the biggest and best icicles around. They are bound to become the next tourist attraction in Hakuba! Join us for BBQ night next Friday or swing by for a drink in the bar & take a look!


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Living the dream and "Riding The White Horse". Come and stay with us in Hakuba and we'll show you the best of what Hakuba has to offer.
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2 Responses to Icicles at the White Horse Hotel, Hakuba Japan

  1. Patricia Osmond says:

    I stayed at the Whitehorse Hotel Hakuba in December ’13 and it was one of the worst travel experiences of my life. There are some great spots to stay in Hakuba but this not one of them.

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Patricia Osmond who also goes by the name of Patricia Howard from the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria, Australia stayed with us with her husband David and 2 of their children at the White Horse Hotel for 4 nights in December 2013. We managed her booking for all of her accommodation in Hakuba. During the booking process in October she herself decided she would like to reduce the cost of the holiday and also stay at one of the other hotels we manage. Upon her arrival at the other hotel she decided that it was obviously better to stay at the White Horse (which was twice the price) and requested to return. As we were full at the hotel this was not an option. She told our staff that she wanted to speak to me personally however I was dealing with an emergency and was actually not in Hakuba at that time. Over the next 3 hours she became quite agitated and quite abusive to all of the staff. This then extended towards offensive behavior towards our other guests. At this stage it was quite obvious that she was having an emotional episode and the staff rang me for advice on what to do. As we do not have a “Crisis Response Team” in Hakuba there was no other option for us than to call the police to deal with the situation before she hurt herself or someone else within the establishment. It was an unfortunate incident and we wish Patricia all the best in the future.

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