Luggage storage at Tokyo Station


Location: The Gransta Station underground mall is well signed. Take the escalators down, opposite the Nagano Shinkansen gates

If you want to spend some time in Tokyo before coming out to Hakuba or at the end of your trip the luggage storage area at Tokyo Station is a very handy service for your ski and snowboard bags. There are also lockers there to fit large suitcases. Tokyo Station is huge so take good note of where the storage area is for your pick up otherwise you could be running around for 20 minutes looking for the place.


Luggage Storage at Tokyo Station
Hours: 9:00 to 20:00
Fee: 500 yen / unit
Total length of less than 250cm
The total weight of less than 30kg 



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2 Responses to Luggage storage at Tokyo Station

  1. shreddie says:

    I’m planning a snowboard trip in February and this is good info. Is that 500 yen price per day? I’d like to store my board for about 4 weeks. Thanks!

  2. Hakuba Blog says:

    Hey Shreddie. The cost is 500yen per day. My advice would be to ask your hotel to store it. You can even arrange it to be sent direct to the airport so you can pick it up next to the check in counters. If you need the storage for when you arrive you can also send it direct to your hotel from the airport. I know all the White Horse Hotels in Hakuba will hold Luggage for extended periods. They will even store it for the summer.

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