Cortina Hakuba Japan

Cortina Hakuba, Japan

It's not a mirage and it's not photoshopped. Cortina is a great day trip on the right day.

Cortina is one of the Jewels in Hakuba’s crown. Situated at the northern end of Hakuba, the ski resort of Cortina links up with Norikura on the southern side. It takes about 25 minutes from Echoland to reach the resort if you are using the White Horse complimentary shuttle service. Cortina is renowned for it’s powder and is in fact listed as one of Japans top snow fall resorts. The micro climate of the area tends to draw more snow into the resort so a small amount down the valley could be a lot more up that end. Our passion for the snow and our many years of experience here in Hakuba allows us to offer our guests the best options for each day taking into account the weather, our customers personal preferences, their ability level and ¬†snow conditions. Cortina is a great place for a day trip when it’s a great powder day. Other days you will want to be on the big mountain resorts that have a bit more variety. The tree skiing there is some of the best you will find in Hakuba and at the end of the day take in a soothing onsen before we come and pick you up to bring you back into the town center to enjoy the restaurants and nightlife of Echoland.


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