Money exchange in Hakuba and Japan

Always have some yen in your pocket while travelling around Japan

ATMs in Japan

It should never be assumed that you can use your credit card or get money out of ATMs easily here in Japan. The best option is to organise to bring some cash with you and also have a Visa card and now once again a Mastercard so you can use the cash machines at the 7/11 stores throughout Japan. You can also use these cards at the post office ATMs. There is a 7/11 which is open 24 hours conveniently located as you come into Echoland which is the central area of Hakuba and the main restaurant and bar precinct.

Travellers cheques can be exchanged at the banks but will be time consuming. Some banks will also charge a high fee to do this.

Exchanging international currency at a bank will get you the worst exchange rate and we highly advise you not to do this.

If you require any assistance, our hotel managers at all of our hotels will be on hand to help you out. We also accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX at all of the White Horse Hotels so tab everything up to your room and you can just pay at the end of your stay.


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