Hakuba 29th January, 2010

big snow blower

Preparation as these guys know what is on the way next week.

I woke up to about 20cm of powder outside our Hakuba hotel today (= 30-40 up top). I am nursing an injured foot so I was unable to get out on the mountain however the next big storm is brewing in the north which will see us get snow everyday next week. I should be right by then to get out into it. Our guests and staff let me know how good it was on the mountain today and I was very jealous. Oh well, I’m grateful that I live in this snow paradise and I can get many great days on the mountain each season.


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5 Responses to Hakuba 29th January, 2010

  1. Clint says:

    It was pretty awesome up there mate!

  2. Aden Hepburn says:

    Hope you guys don’t track all that pow before we get there! I’ll be hoping for another big storm in 2 weeks time, what’s your forecast saying?

  3. Hakuba says:

    2 weeks out is a long time. You should be right to score some good stuff though. Pretty much guauranteed here in Hakuba if you stay for a couple of weeks.

  4. Aden Hepburn says:

    Thanks Tony,
    Another question while I’m at it – how does night skiing work? Paid? Included in the lift ticket already? What resorts offer it? Do many people get out there at night?

  5. Hakuba says:

    The best night skiing in Hakuba is a freestyle park called Yanaba which can be a lot of fun. It has a mix of kickers, spines, boxes, rails and a half pipe. A night session is quite cheap.
    For me the days are for skiing and the nights are for eating and drinking. If you still have energy at night you didn’t go hard enough during the day 🙂

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