Hakuba 11th January, 2010

Drying rooms

Warm dry and odorless.

A good drying room is imperitive at any ski hotel you stay at in the world. It needs to be warm dry and odourless. I have stayed at some places with a stink that would outlast religion. I think we have a good room with just enough space to cater for all our guests skis, boards and gear.



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3 Responses to Hakuba 11th January, 2010

  1. Aden Hepburn says:

    Hey Tony,
    How does your drying room work?
    I’ve always put boots / clothes over rising heat and boots directly on the oil heaters in Aus. But with all the boots in that shelf, how do they get dry there? Do you have fans to evaporate the water or?

    Ps. How is the snow looking? Shame about that rain…

    See you in 3 weeks.

  2. Hakuba says:

    Hi Aden
    We have hydronic heating throughout the hotel including the drying room. The heaters have a fan that blows the hot air out. The guest rooms don’t usually need the fans on as the radient heat is enough to warm them. We turn the fan on low in the drying room and there is a small extraction fan also that helps circulate the air. You will also find that your boots will not get as wet here as in Australia as the temperatures are lower and the snow is dryer.
    Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

  3. petecol says:

    Hey Mate,
    Ahh I see. All makes sense 🙂 thanks for the info!

    Catch you soon

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