Hakuba 28th November, 2009

Happo Hiking

The Warren Miller crew a couple of seasons ago hiking at the back of Happo One.

When will there be snow.  I had a guest send an email through today concernerned that there is nothing open at the moment.  The 28th of November is very early in the season and as we were out on the snow the last couple of years at this time already, that fact is no surety that it will happen every year.  The one thing for sure about Hakuba is that it will come. Even in bad years Hakuba is better than most other places. A bad year in Hakuba is 8 meters of snow. In 2005, 8 meters fell just in December. Everybody is anxious including all of us here but I know what is coming and I know I will shovelling a lot of snow again this year as I do every year. By the way there is plenty of snow up high right now for the adventurous backcounty skiers.


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2 Responses to Hakuba 28th November, 2009

  1. Aden Hepburn says:

    Hey Tony,

    Have you been checking out the weather charts? Wondering if there are any storms on the way? Shame the first massive dump hasn’t hit yet, but as I know with Perisher in Australia, no matter how bad it seems, the snow always comes!

    Luckily we booked for mid feb, where from what I can research, is the highest snowfall month!

    See you soon.

  2. Hakuba says:

    I won’t put a date on it but next week looks like it might deliver something. I am definately not worried as I know it will come. I am just as anxious as everybody to get out on the hill. A few flakes falling down here in Echoland this morning and Tsugaike is almost ready to open some of their upper lifts. I will be first on it when something opens.

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