Hakuba 23rd November, 2009

Hakuba Peaks

Hakuba Peaks

This is a picture from last season of the Hakuba Peaks situated on the west side of the valley. It is very difficult to explain to people how big the mountains are here. The valley where the photo is taken is at about 700 meters above sea level and the back peaks raise up to 2932 meters. Happo One which is the resort on the right side has 1072 verticle meters of thigh burning runs. Top to bottom will certainly have you wishing you did a few more hours in the gym before you came here.  For those that want to cruise a bit more leisurely there are some great trails to take it easy on with some amazing views of the valley to take in. There is a nice onsen close by to the area where this photo was taken so you can enjoy these views while bathing in the hot springs.


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