Hakuba 18th November, 2009

Happo ticket check

New ticket checks

Happo One has new ticket check stalls this year. I am not sure if the pass has changed however it all looks pretty high tech. For those new to the system, people usually have a pocket in the left arm of their jacket to place the lift pass which is a small electronic chip about 40mm x 40mm. I was able to find some gloves with a little pocket in them to hold the chip which works really well. You can also purchase an armband for about 100 yen to hold the pass. Just wave your arm over the side sensors and the little yellow arm will drop down to let you through. It is a good system and similar to what they had and also to what most of the other resorts in Hakuba have. At the end of the day you should cash your pass in at the refund machine at the bottom of all of the ski areas. I love the idea of being out on the mountain all day and then cash your chip in and they give you 1000 yen. It feels like they are paying you for your great effort on the mountain that day.


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