Hakuba 14th November, 2009

Happo Lift

We take you to the best conditions

Ski In Ski Out. Probably the number 1 question I get from customers when they first contact me is how close are you to the lifts.  When I first started holidaying here in Hakuba in 2003 I probably asked the same thing. I stayed at a hotel that was about 300 meters to the closest lift and enjoyed the fact that it was a quick stroll in the morning to the popular resort of  Happo One. Coming back here for the next 3 years on holidays, I realised that there was no benefit being close to one lift. Imagine standing in line on a magnificent powder morning in anticipation of skiing 1 meter or fresh snow that fell over night. No exaggeration. The air is electric in the line while the lift moves a little at a time as the lifties clear each chair. Imagine the feeling when you look up the hill and see skiers and boarders hooting their way down the mountain. Hang on a second, where are these people coming from. Turns out they were able to open the other end of the resort earlier. We were watching them cut out a little high so they could head back to the open lift. I looked around at the others in the line looking for a non existant way to get to that lift. How do I get there? Do I just give away my spot in the lift line and look for a way to get to the other lift. Taxi maybe, if I could find one. There was nothing we could do but wait for what seemed hours but was probably 45 minutes in total  before the lift started running and feel kicked in the stomach each time we saw someone come down and steal our lines.

One of my concepts for accommodation in Hakuba was to drive our guests to all of the resorts in the valley so they can consistently ski the best conditions on offer on any particular day. From Cortina in the North  to Sun Alpina in the south we will ensure our guests have the opportunity to get the first tracks or best corduroy available in Hakuba so you never have to have that feeling I had on my first trip here. Don’t be fooled by the ski in ski out hype. The question should be “how do I get to ALL of the resorts in Hakuba”.


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