First day of the season competition 2016 /17


A pic from the 28th of November 2015. Last seasons winner for picking the first day was Steve Williams.

Here we go again. Each year we run a competition to pick the first day of the season. The rules are

  • The first day the lifts open for skiers and boarders at any one of the resorts in Hakuba.
  • One date per person. If 2 or more people choose the same date then we will have a draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
  • The date must be chosen at least one week in advance
  • If a date isn’t chosen then it’s the closest date before.

The prizes are

So go to the bottom of this blog and put your date in the comments section or email me HERE and I will add it. Good luck. Remember that the resorts will open as soon as there is enough snow on the ground so it’s pretty much any time now. Just waiting for THAT storm.

The list so far.

Gerard Hollands – 23rd November

Shay Mason – 24th November

Simon 24th November

TJ – 25th November

Ange – 25th November

Olivia – 25th November

Tyler – 26th November

Andrew Clarke – 26th November

Melody – 26th November

David Bridger – 26th November

Onotch – 26th November

Erica – 26th November

Jack Johnson – 26th November

Nicole Spencer – 26th November

Ingrid – 26th November

Jake Lyons – 26th November

William Righton – 27th November

Kiralee Dempster – 27th November

Grant Hakuba House – 27th November

Austin Campion – 27th November

Matt Reed – 28th November

Shane Steere – 28th November

James Gill – 28th November

Andreas Zweibrot – 28th November

Kieran – 28th November

Chiharu W – 28th November

Thomas Williams – 28th November

Daniel – 29th November

Aimee Jones – 29th November

Lisa Gale – 29th November

Heath Gallagher – 29 November

Olga Gordan – 30th November

PJC – 30th November

JB – 30th November

Mike – 31st November (good luck with that)

Brian Morris – 1st December

Anthony Ginman – 1st December

Zuzana Solcova – 1st December

4wanderlusters – 1st December

Troy – 2nd December

Richard Copland – 2nd December

Deborah Curry – 2nd December

Jacob Luff – 2nd December

Michael – 3rd December

David McAlister – 3rd December

Jamie – 3rd December

Chris – 3rd December

Ryan Crumlish – 4th December

Paul – 4th December

James Millane – 4th December

Adam Roberts – 4th December

Alex – 5th December

Ruthryan – 5th December

Dylan – 5th December

Heidi Dell – 5th December

Hannah Sayer – 5th December

Fraser Burrough – 5th December

Stephen – 6th December

Paris – 6th December

James Willoughby – 6th December

Tereza Foulcher – 6th December

Jeremy Corner – 8th December

Jesse Fenn – 8th December

Nathan Moore – 8th December

Reuben – 10th December

Steve Nixon – 10th December

Clare – 10th December

Carlie Lidstone – 13th December

Tamara Gallagher – 13th December

Alex – 14th December

Meesha Novotny – 16th December

Shane – 17th December

Dane – 17th December

Dee Mathiesen – 28th December










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74 Responses to First day of the season competition 2016 /17

  1. Troy says:

    2nd December

  2. William Righton says:

    November 27th!

  3. Tyler says:

    November 26th

  4. Andrew Clarke says:

    26th November

  5. Brian Morris says:

    December 1st

  6. Simon says:

    24th November

  7. Ange says:

    25th November!

  8. Ryan Crumlish says:

    December 4th

  9. Paul says:

    December 4th

  10. Gerard Hollands says:

    23rd November

  11. Daniel says:

    29 November

  12. Matt reed says:

    28th november

  13. Olga Gordon says:

    30th November 2016

  14. Alex says:

    5th December

  15. Shane Steere says:

    28th November 2016👍

  16. James millane says:

    Dec 4th. ⛷🇯🇵

  17. Michael says:

    December 3rd

  18. James gill says:

    28th November

  19. Anonymous says:

    5th Dec

  20. Melody says:

    26th November 🏂🗻❄

  21. Shane says:

    December 17th

  22. Kiralee Dempster says:

    27th November

  23. David McAlister says:

    December 3rd

  24. ruthryan says:

    5th December

  25. Mike says:

    31st. November

  26. Jamie says:

    3rd December

  27. David Bridger says:

    November 26th

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take 27th November. – Grant HakubaHouee

  29. Aimee Jones says:

    November 29th

  30. Dane says:

    December 17

  31. PJC says:

    30th November

  32. Dylan says:

    December 5th!

  33. onotch says:

    November 26th

  34. Adam Roberts says:

    4th December.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The 14th of December 2016

  36. Heidi Dell says:

    December 5th

  37. Andreas zweibrot says:


  38. Hannah Sayer says:


  39. Paris says:

    6th December

  40. Austin Campion says:

    27th of November

  41. Erica says:

    Saturday 26th November

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  43. Lisa gale says:

    29th november

  44. Jack Johnson says:

    26th November 2016 🙂 going to be there NYE. Cannot wait!

  45. Fraser Burrough says:

    December 5th.

  46. Kieran says:

    Lock me in for the 28th November 🤘

  47. Hakuba Blog says:

    Thanks everyone so far. Not sure how the 31st November will go as it’s not a leap year 🙂 I will add it to the 1st of December Mike.
    Anonymous predictions need a name thanks.

  48. Jeremy Corner says:

    8th of December

  49. Jesse Fenn says:

    8th december

  50. Olivia says:

    25th November

  51. Reuben says:

    10th December!

  52. Ingrid says:

    November 26th

  53. Zuzana Solcova says:

    1st December

  54. Richard Copland says:

    December 2

  55. Thomas Williams says:

    28th November

  56. Chris says:

    3 rd December

  57. Alex says:

    14th December

  58. Heath Gallagher says:

    29th of November

  59. Jake lyons says:

    Saturday the 26th

  60. Jake lyons says:

    26th November

  61. Jacob Luff says:

    2nd December

  62. Dee Mathiesen says:

    28th December please!

  63. Nathan moore says:

    8th December

  64. Steve Nixon says:

    10th December 2016

  65. Meesha Novotny says:

    December 16th

  66. Hakuba Blog says:

    The competition is still alive. Nothing open as yet so put your guess in. I failed with the 25th of November. Close but no cigar with some snow but not quite enough.

  67. Clare says:

    10 December!

  68. Jeremy Corner says:

    Yes picked it! 20 days till I’m there to enjoy it!

  69. Jeremy Corner says:

    Soooooo, who won?

  70. Renae Edwards says:

    Renae Edwards – 22 Nov

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